On December 16th, the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in New York City will have the opening of a HAYO SOL exhibition with selected paintings at their amazing gallery, located in Chelsea at the heart of the Manhattan art-district.
Press Release over Hayo Sol:
Pablo Picasso once questioned, “Who sees the human face correctly: the photographer, the mirror, or the painter?� Exploring this musing by creating celebrity portraits, contemporary Dutch artist Hayo Sol uniquely portrays famed luminaries from around the world. Capturing the multitude of individuals who define our multicultural world, Mr. Sol harmoniously unites physical and emotional characteristics to engender an exceptional portrayal of an individual soul. Our multicultural world becomes a tangible reality through Mr. Sol�s artwork, allowing one to abridge distance in order to emotionally experience unmediated worldly interactions.
Defining traits are most prevalent through portraiture, with the face serving as the epicenter for visualizing cues to the inner depths of one�s multifaceted personality. At the heart of Mr. Sol�s oeuvre is his ability to encapsulate the hidden emotions, unseen attitudes and strong personalities of individuals from all walks of life, spanning various cultures and traditions. His current series presents a cosmopolitan montage of our global world, painting celebrities from different pop cultural traditions that originated in the United States and quickly spread on a global scale. Remaining as culture and pop icons today, Mr. Sol�s contemporary approach to portraiture illuminates the lasting influences of stars like Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy, and Sofia Loren.
Working in a distinctive multimedia technique, each of Mr. Sol�s paintings?is hand painted with acrylic and metal paint and hand embellished with original Swarovski crystals. In a special limited series, 24 krt. Gold leaf or 1 krt. diamond powder, provided by world famous Gassan Diamonds, is added to the metal paint. Drawing influence by Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein in the last century, Mr. Sol�s revolutionary process for masterfully rendering the appearance of human skin through his silk screening pushes his portraits into a new century of pop art all the while making it is own. His portraits convey the inner beauty of his subjects masterfully, underscoring his deep connection with each subject and his desire to let the viewer enjoy that level of beauty as well.
The award-winning artist Hayo Sol works and resides in Amsterdam. His artwork is shown internationally, with group and solo exhibitions throughout Europe and the United States, and his art is treasured in both public and private collections around the world.?Amsterdam Whitney Gallery is proud to showcase the art of this wonderful contemporary artist.?

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