Dutch PopArt artist HAYO SOL is worldwide known for his amazing original PopArt paintings that are carefully handcrafted and painted with metal and acrylic paint, airbrushing and original Swarovski crystals on specially designed silk coated canvas. Several selected, extra large, “one of a kind” paintings are embellished with 1 carat pure diamond powder, by Gassan Diamonds, hand-mixed with the special metal paint.His technique, the use of these delicate materials combined with his talent and creative inspiration turn each piece into a 3 dimensional painting, that really comes to live when light illuminates the canvas.After attending the Amsterdam School of Arts and studying PopArt while living in New York, HAYO SOL was inspired to start creating his own sensational style of an original, authentic PopArt. It took him many years to develop his own unique technique and style that truly stands out from the contemporary PopArt available today. 

Based on the origin that all life in the universe needs sunlight to come to life and survive, this principle was transformed by SOL (who’s last name is Spanish for ‘Sun”) into PopArt that is truly authentic, immediately identifiable as his and has taken the art-world by storm, ever since Warhol and Liechtenstein set the bar. HAYO is grateful to have many famous admirers and collectors of his work like H.R.H Prince Albert of Monaco, former French president Sarkozy and actress Denise Richards.As an artist HAYO SOL, who is also called “The Vincent van Gogh of PopArt”, is inspired by the immortal beauty of legends and icons of style, art and fashion. But also, he is not afraid to expose the dark side of humanity onto his canvases. His “Weltschmerz” pieces take his work to a new and higher level in order to let us experience and breath his art with the most intense impact possible.