Recently HAYO was interviewed by Crystal Evans of the Temple University, Philadelphia, U.S.A.: “I had the privilege of interviewing Hayo Sol, creator of Angel Star Productions which is based out of Amsterdam. Hayo is both an actor and an artist, and his art can be seen all over the world including New York, Los Angeles, France, Monaco, Belgium and Dubai. Hayo has virtually renovated the PopArt world with his innovative creation. In a culture that is challenged to make original art, Hayo has dazzled audiences worldwide with his unique technique that brings a third dimension to his masterpieces. What’s his secret? Real Swarovski crystals that are hand embellished and added to the canvas, bringing his subjects to life. According to the Swarovski website, “Crystal embodies glamour, that indefinable, alluring branch of beauty. Radiant light, it’s a mix of strong style and irresistible magnetism that have always given crystal an innate glamour.” Inspired by Marlene Dietrich’s gowns made of thousands of beads and crystals, Hayo brings that same breathtaking glamour to canvas. His paintings vividly portray the stunningly beautiful and elegant women who have shaped history, so it is only fitting that his contribution to the art world is in the same vein of elegance, grace, and timelessness. There is only one Audrey Hepburn, only one Marilyn Monroe, and only one Hayo Sol. Hayo has an optimistic perspective on both life and his business. When the bank lost his business plan, rather than looking at it as a distressing setback, he decided to find the financing on his own. He looks back on that experience as a blessing in disguise (he has no debt) and recommends that new business owners go to family and friends before taking out financing. He also advises spending your money wisely, particularly as an artist with inconsistent income. You should always have a back-up plan and something tucked away just in case. Angel Star Productions uses agents to sell his art, and they are paid on commission. Acknowledging that the artist and the business mind can be quite a contrast, he suggests hiring somebody to help with the business end of things if it is difficult for you. It is important, however, to keep an eye on employees, as he found out the hard way when he discovered his agent in France had stolen thousands of dollars from him. Keeping an eye on an international team can be a bit of a challenge. Hayo has some wise advice for entrepreneurs: listen to your intuition. Everybody has advice for you, everybody has an idea of the way things “should” be done, but if you stick to yourself and trust yourself, your work will be genuine and authentic. He believes this goes for mistakes as well, when you listen to somebody else and then make a mistake, you blame that person rather than yourself. While it is good to listen to advice, you should always stay true to yourself. When asked how to overcome self doubt (that can be paralyzing to an entrepreneur), Hayo suggests that as you listen to your intuition and see results, it becomes easier to continue, and you trust yourself more and gain confidence in the process. His art follows the same lines- he creates for himself first, which undoubtedly makes a difference with his business since his passion for his work shines through the canvas and speaks to your own emotions. Regrets are another thing Hayo doesn’t waste time on. He feels that events and experiences build on themselves, level by level. He’s needed all his past experiences to contribute to his experiences today. If he would have produced this art years ago, there might not have been an audience for it, he might not have been ready, and he wouldn’t have been able to skip all those levels and be where he is today. All things happen for a reason, and as they are meant to be. Competition in the art community can be in the form of artists who copy his work, and he knows of two artists who have done so (or tried, I should say). His artistic invention has been documented, by way of interviews and publicity, which makes it helpful to establish that he was in fact the first and original creator of this new technique. Marketing is done by sending his art to celebrities, or charity events. With a charity event, he doesn’t receive any profit, but it goes towards a good cause as well as gets his name out there with positive publicity. It does help to have connections, and his acting background has helped along those lines. Hayo strongly urges that you enjoy your work, that you love what you do. He can’t emphasize enough that it has to be enjoyable. Another thing he would enjoy getting into- if he only had the time- is designing men’s shoes. He can see the need is there. The majority of shoes are designed for women, which leaves men with little and boring choices. He believes that men should have their own version of Manolo Blahnik’s…..and given his talent, creativity, and ability to capture beauty in an innovative and original style that quite literally takes your breath away, I wouldn’t be surprised if in the future we see the one and only – Hayo Sol’s fascinating shoes for fascinating men. You can check out Hayo Sol’s art and Angel Star productions at Prepare to be mesmerized. (My personal favorite is Audrey Hepburn….I think I could stare for hours)…”.

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